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Meet small town budding Model Komal Soni

“Why should we girls be pushed to a corner? We have all the right in the world to do what we want,” says Komal Soni, a budding model from Lucknow.


We met with Komal in Lucknow recently. Originally from Chitrakoot district of Bundelkhand, Komal delved deeper into the world of modelling and fashion when she finished college in Lucknow, and is gradually gaining popularity in and around the region. 


“I came into the modelling industry because of a shoot I did. I got the opportunity after I entered a competition in college where they asked me only one question—what my height was. When I told them my height is 5”9 they were shocked at the fact that tall girls existed in India, that too in a place like Lucknow. So they saw my height and personality and asked me to try out work in their company so that I can make a career out of modelling,” she said. 


Having participated in two beauty pageants and ten competitions, Komal has worked hard to move her career along. She is now called upon by pageants and competitions to be a part of the final juries as a judge. She has also been called upon as a ‘guest of honour’ in many shows. 


“I have the most amount of fun when I’m walking on the ramp and also when I’m called upon to judge competitions as a member of the jury. It gives me pride and makes me feel honoured that I am in a position to evaluate and judge others. As models, we also have to work according to the designers’ needs—where they provide us with the clothes that they want us to model and also tell us how to go about wearing a particular garment” she told us. 




We probed Komal as to why there is apprehension in the minds of people around modelling as a profession to which Komal responded unapologetically and said “Girls are strong and bold, and that reflects in the kind of work they do in the modelling industry. For us it is our work. We are not trying to tell people anything or nudge them a particular way. We will do what we want, in our own right. Why should only we girls be burdened with household work of cooking and cleaning?” she exclaims. 


Citing her mother as her inspiration, Komal said it is because of her that she has achieved all that she has. She credits her mother’s support, resilience and endurance in the face of opposition and adversity in all her successful endeavours as a model. 

Komal has a repertoire of 25 runways which is only increasing day by day.“When I model, I get to hear a lot from people about how I’m like this, or like that. But it doesn’t matter to me, because I am who I am. I do what I want to. I have done a lot of things as per my wish, often times without even thinking twice. I’ve recently also applied for a Director’s post and I will get the result very soon” she added. 


The modelling industry requires putting in time and effort, and all kinds of hours of work. She is often sleep deprived, underfed and has to be on call at all times. “We don’t have a designated time to sleep, eat or work, we work around the clock” she said. She further adds that being a part of the Fashion Week as a recognizable model is what matters to her. 





There is a lot of effort that goes into preparing for the ramp—right from the clothes, makeup to posture and stance. “Our heels are what form a part of a lot of our identity, hence they are really very important for us. Additionally, some of the criteria on which we are assessed are height, how we walk, how much confidence we have, how we talk, how we answer certain questions, etc” she said. In her experience as a jury member, she too had to evaluate people on their confidence, posture and the way they talk. 

“While my line is not easy, it’s not that hard either that Komal Soni gives up. I’m the kind of person who never gives up, even in the face of the biggest adversity. I want to work and make a name for myself. I have a message for all the girls who want to come into this line—come to this line bindaas, without any hesitation. If you are dedicated and focussed and have a clean and open mind, no one can stop you” she concludes.