Wine Shop in College Vicinity, No Action Taken Despite Complaints

29-01-15 Kshetriya Banda - Kailashpati INtercollege for webBanda. Residents of Beraav village in Banda have been worried and concerned for a long period of time. It’s been almost a decade that a number of wine shops have cropped up around the Kailashpati Intercollege in the area but persistent complaints have yielded no result.

The college was started in 1972 and caters to a largely local student populace. In the last 10 years, wine shops started coming up in the area one after another. Residents and college authorities complain that on a number of occasions customers of these shops have gotten drunk and created ruckus in the college premises. The Principal of the College has submitted applications to the District Magistrate, Superintendent of Police and even the Excise Department but to no avail.

College President Shravan Kumar says, ‘When the College was inaugurated it was only till the tenth standard but since 1992 it started enrolments to Classes 11 and 12. Since then almost half the student population comprises girls. We are always worried that some untoward incident might take place with groups of drunkards always roaming around the college.’ He adds that after regular complaints from college authorities, wine shops were asked to close down. ‘All that really happened was that they removed their boards but continued to operate.’

Ajay Kumar, an official at the Excise Department says that according to the rules, wine shops should be located at least 400 metres from educational institutions. ‘I know about these shops near Kailashpati Intercollege. The residents should submit a fresh application to the District Magistrate and to the Department. We will send these to Lucknow as well,’ he added.

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