Arrests in Latest Dowry Death Only When Investigations Conclude

mahila mudda 3Chitrakoot. In yet another case of a woman being killed for dowry, authorities have registered an F.I.R. in Chitrakoot’s Bariyarikal village but said that arrests will be made only when all investigations conclude.

Jagdish Prasad has alleged that his daughter Gunjan was burnt and killed by her husband Om Prakash and father-in-law Shivshankar on 21 January. He says, ‘I filed an F.I.R. at the Mau Police Station on 25 January but no investigations have been made after that and no action has been taken against the perpetrators.’ Jagdish Prasad said that his daughter got married to Om Prakash in May 2014. ‘After the marriage Om Prakash told my daughter that she should get 1 lakh in cash and a motorcycle from her home only then would he let her stay with him. I have 5 daughters and am not that well off. Because I was unable to meet with their demands they killed my daughter,’ he said.

Om Prakash and his father Shivshankar denied these allegations. In his defence, Om Prakash said that this was a case of suicide. ‘We weren’t even home that day. We had gone to the fields. Gunjan herself locked the room and poured kerosene on herself and set herself on fire.’

Kallu Prasad, the clerk at the Mau Police Station who wrote Jagdish Prasad’s complaint said that a case has been registered against the father and son. ‘The F.I.R. has been written under Sections 498A (dowry harassment), and 304 (death due to dowry harassment). The case is being investigated and only when the investigations conclude will any arrests be made.’

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