When Bitto Singh Came to be Bitto Rani

09-10-14 Mano Karvi - Bitto Singh 1 for webChitrakoot
. Bitto Singh, from Kasahai in Karwi town, has been a dancer in the local Ramlila performance since the age of five. 33-year-old Bitto tell us, ‘When I was living in Baberu, in Banda district, an artist from Rajasthan, by the name of Sanju Gupta used to come for the Ramlila performance. His dance made my imagination race. When I told my family of my decision, all hell broke loose. They said, you are from a Thakur family, you can play some other role. But I only wanted to dance. My family saw my perseverance and said, do whatever you like. It took me six years to learn dance from my guru. Now I travel to different corners of the country to perform. When I dance, I dress as a woman, I make myself up like a woman. This is why I started to be known as Bitto Rani. Thousands of people await my performances. I want to go on to teach others to dance, so that my memory stays forever in people’s lives.’
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