Schoolteacher booked for Rape in Chitrakoot, Disturbing Echo of Bangalore Incident

Photo sourced from Indianetzone
Photo sourced from Indianetzone

Pahadi block, Chitrakoot. A student of the Vidyamandir Intercollege here has accused a schoolteacher of rape. The accused has been caught and jailed.

The accused, Arun Kumar is from Kureha village of Banda, and had been teaching at the school in Pahadi. The girl’s father alleged, ‘My daughter was studying in class 8. On the 21 of October, when she was going home from school, Arun Kumar raped her and told her that if she mentioned it to anybody, he would kill her. When my daughter reached home, she related the whole incident to us. I filed a report in Pahadi police station on the 22 October, accompanied by 100 people from the village. After a lot of commotion, the case was registered. ‘

The constable at Pahadi police station, Harisharan Yadav said that Arun Kumar had been apprehended by the police in Saipur village. ‘He has been sent to jail. He has been booked under section 376, 504 and 506 of the IPC.’

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