खबर लहरिया Deep-dives Episode 11: Tea and Azaadi

Episode 11: Tea and Azaadi

Tea and Azaadi What We Learned from the Women-led Citizenship Protests On March 22, 2020, two petrol bombs exploding near Shaheen Bagh and Jamia Millia Islamia caused barely a ripple before sinking into a sea of COVID-19 coverage. A few days later, as Delhi went into lockdown on March 24, the police scrubbed away all traces of the long-running protest as well. For a hundred days, Shaheen Bagh had inspired people around the country, uniting them against the communally divisive and constitutionally dodgy trifecta of the Citizenship Amendment Act, the National Population Register, and the National Register of Citizens.  There was talk about the anti-CAA movement in rural Bundelkhand, and some limited participation. But given the wide-ranging impact of the