खबर लहरिया English A roundup of hyper-local #Phase5 election coverage

A roundup of hyper-local #Phase5 election coverage

Quips, grievances, concerns, lapses, boycott –we bring you stories on all these and more from our reporters who’ve traveled to multiple districts this past election week. While U.P saw a voter turnout of 57.9 %, M.P stood slightly higher at 65.5%.

Candidates Contesting- Mahoba L.S seat

“No, it has never happened before. But this is Bundelkhand where anything can happen.“

, is what Rajendra, a voter from Mahooba, U.P had to say when the E.V.M machines in his village had mysteriously disappeared on 29th April forcing villagers to vote for the second time on 6th May


Kunwar Pushpendra Singh ChandelPritam Singh LodhiDileep Singh (B.S.P)



He is a fake leader and a selfish person who ran away from the B.J.P when denied a party ticket, “says Rajeev Sharma, a voter on the standing S.P and rebel-BJP candidate from here, R.D Prajapati.

“I have voted for a P.M, not an M.P. My vote is for Modi.” was what Neeraj Dubey, another voter had to say after casting his vote”.

Their mood clearly differs from R.D Prajapati himself who claims  “I am fighting for the Prajapati caste. Despite our population, we are not allowed to stand for elections at any level. The BJP and Congress have the audacity to bring in candidates who are outsiders.”


Candidates contesting-Tikamgarh L.S Seat

Virendra Kumar KhateekKiran AhirwarR.D Prajapati (S.P)



“When this government is apparently providing every imaginable facility everywhere else, why hasn’t it reached this village? “ said Shakuntala Devi of Bilari village

Watch a sensational account of a remote village, Bilari whose residents had finally decided to boycott elections after years of neglect by elected representatives.



“We have no complete knowledge about the voting lists, names, and slips. This has never happened previously during any government’s rule in my lifetime. So many have been waiting aimlessly at the booth for hours.” says Ranjeet Kumar Gupta, a voter from Banda, U.P.

Absence of many voter names in large numbers, exact figures of which the election officials could not reveal was the highlight of a polling booth here.

Candidates contesting –Banda/Chitrakoot

R.K Singh Patel (Former B.S.P Candidate)Bal Kumar Patel (Former S.P M.P)Shyam Charan Gupta (S.P)