खबर लहरिया Premium A Hatke wedding tradition, Bundelkhandi style!

A Hatke wedding tradition, Bundelkhandi style!

A cross-dressing tradition  with gender power-play at the forefront, marks the hinterland’s wedding season   If one peeks into the pages of history, Bundelkhand is known for its rich mythology and ancient sculptures. However, the region is also home to some of the most unique traditions which have been in practice for over a hundred years and are an integral part of Bundelkhand’s cultural heritage. Suvasa, is one such wedding tradition. After the major wedding rituals have wrapped up, the bride’s family dresses up the groom’s uncle or a male relative in clothes that are typically worn by the women of the region and the entire look is  completed with makeup and accessories. In many parts of Bundelkhand, a wedding