खबर लहरिया English Pyaar Andaaze se: Stories of love and disability

Pyaar Andaaze se: Stories of love and disability

In a world inundated with digital reminders and social media declarations of love, there are also quieter tales of love. In Bundelkhand, an interabled and disabled couple have found their own unique language of love. For them, love is woven into the fabric of everyday life: guiding each other home, cooking together, draping a sari perfectly, building a home, and raising a family— being each other’s rock, unwavering and dependable, day in and day out.  Love, a concept theorized, practiced, and continuously evolving, means different things to different people. Yet, at its core, it encapsulates the essence of togetherness—whether it’s simply walking hand in hand, supporting each other through thick and thin, or simply envisioning a shared future. Maybe this