Free Medicines for the Poor? Not at the Purabazar Community Health Centre

free medsA Community Health Centre with no medicines or vaccines- such is the condition of the CHC in Purabazar block of Faizabad district. The CHC is meant to provide these facilities free of cost, according to the government rule; however, the one is Purabazar conveniently tells everyone to buy these from private stores.

‘ We are poor people; we cant afford to buy expensive medicines and vaccines’? Kamla and Prakash are among those who had come to the CHC in Purabazar, but were told to get the expensive medicines from outside. Sapna Singh and Geeta Devi,  Asha workers from Sarayrasi were also told by the CHC to bring medicines for their patients from a store outside. ‘Even the Asha workers don’t have access to facilities here, you can imagine how difficult it is for people from villages’.

The CHC incharge Dr A.K Singh claims that the Purabazar CHC is well stocked and its only when they occasionally run out of stock that they ask patients to get medicines from outside. According to Dr Singh, the CHC also provides other facilities- like free blood tests in addition to providing medicines and vaccines.

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