Dalit Woman Beaten up by ‘High Caste’ Neighbour

11-09-14 Mahola - gyodi bhaagwatiGyodi village, Mahoba district. A 45-year old Dalit woman was allegedly beaten up here by her ‘high caste’ neighbour and his 3 sons on 11 September 2014. According to the woman, she was made to wait for hours at the Khanna Police Station in Kabrai and even then an F.I.R. was not lodged. She finally submitted a written letter of complaint to the Superintendent of Police, Mahoba on 12 September.

The woman, named Bhaagwati, said that her neighbour Badri Gupta had dug up a part of the road between her house and his and was constructing a portion of his home there. This was making it inconvenient for Bhaagwati to get out of the house. Bhaagwati said, ‘When I objected to the construction, Badri and his sons verbally abused me. When I asked them not to resort to such behavior, all of them together dragged me into my own house and beat me up.’ According to Bhaagwati’s application, Badri and his sons beat her and kicked her and also used a hammer to injure her. The blow from the hammer resulted in injury to her head. There were injury marks on her arms, legs and chest as well. The application further demands that a report be lodged in the Khanna Police Station so that proper procedure is followed and action is taken against the Gupta family.

When Khabar Lahariya spoke to the Station Officer Nandlal Bharti at the Khanna Police Station, he said, ‘Some time ago I had told Badri Gupta not to encroach onto the road. But he continued to carry on construction on his land. Bhaagwati is trying to register a fake case and that’s why I did not lodge her report. She has inflicted these injuries on herself.’

On 12 September, the Superintendent of Police, Ramkishore, accepted Bhaagwati’s application. He also spoke to Station Officer Nandlal Bharti about the case and assured Bhaagwati that an investigation would start after the by polls on 13 September.

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