Black-out in Chaubepur bazar: Power Supply for Three Hours a Day

Taza Bizli vibhagNow that the high-profile elections in Varanasi district are over, residents of Chaubepur Bazar get power supply for just three hours. The government is meant to provide electricity for atleast thirteen hours, but in this area of Cholapur block, that is a far-fetched thought.

During the time of elections, there was regular power supply, but once the polls were over, we had power supply just for three hours, complain Sunil Gupta, Sanjay Kumar, Satyendra Seth, Deepak and several other residents who are frustrated with the situation in their area. Further, these residents complain about there being no water supply being of the erratic power supply. The local flour mill doesn’t function for the same reason. The situation is also taking a toll on children’s education in this area. Residents have protested against this situation, they have complained and written letters to the electricity department, but the department has not taken any action.

According to Satya Prakash from the electricity department, the government had given orders for supplying electricity for 16 hours a day before the elections. Now we have orders for ten hours only- from 11 pm to 4 am and then from 9 am to 11 am.

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