What’s the Use of These Laptops?

लैपटाप के साथै छग्गू

Mahua town, District Banda. 25-30 children have been given laptops promised by the chief minister. But the children are having many problems in using the laptops.

Chaggu, from this town, told us that he still doesn’t know how to run the laptop very well. He has been learning how to use the computer for the last three months in Banda, and is also studying there.

Shivkali said, ‘To use the laptop, you have to have learnt computers before. Where should I go to learn? So my husband and brother-in-law use them. If they put on songs or a film then I listen or watch. If the government gives us a training, that would be of some advantage. The boys have started going out and learning in the market. But where should we go? Because of this, we don’t get to use the computer, and the chief minister is just gaining glory for himself in the name of girls like me. No one sees whether these have any use for us or not.’


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