खबर लहरिया Photo Stories The Balancing Act: Dreams, Duties & Education 

The Balancing Act: Dreams, Duties & Education 

This photo essay sketches the portrait of young Indian girls, from remote corners of the country, bound by a shared determination to conquer adversity in pursuit of education. Their stories, as diverse as the landscapes they inhabit, are intricately woven into the social fabric of a country wrestling with socioeconomic constraints and gender disparities. Through the lens of girls such as Aarushi from Nimkhera, Ratna from Chitrakoot, and Koel from Patna, we traverse the crossroads of dreams and challenges. Aarushi, with her bright eyes set on becoming a teacher, balances her love for Hindi and aversion to English. Ratna Devi, juggling academics, household chores, and farming, finds solace in the English language while dreaming of wielding a stethoscope someday. Meanwhile,