Woman Cruelly Beaten over Family Property, No FIR yet

1Padohra village, Jaspura block, Banda district. A woman from this village claims that her in-laws beat her on 8 November. She and her husband Shivavtar filed a complaint with the Superintendent of Police on 20th November. Action is yet to be taken.
The woman, Sangita, said, “My father-in-law Gorelal, mother-in-law Mithuriya and sister-in-law Sunita beat me over the division of the family property. They inserted their hands into my internal organs. The injuries are so bad that it’s difficult to walk or speak. They said, this time they’ll beat me so that no one will be able to see my injuries. I went to the Pailani police station that day, where the police on duty ordered a medical check up. I had an external medical check at the Jaspura government hospital, have been told that I should get a check up of my internal injuries at the Women’s hospital in the district headquarters. On the 20th of November, I sat all day at the Jaspura police station. Neither did the police file my report, nor did they order an investigation. So i have given a complaint to the Superintendent of Police.”
The SP, Piyush Shrivastav said that he has received Sangita’s complaint. “Action will be taken on this matter within 10 days, as soon as the medical reports come in.” Sangita’s in-laws were not available for comment.
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