This Corner of India Waits for ‘Electricity and Technology’ for ATM Shutters to Go Up


The State Bank of India ATM in Sitapur, Chitrakoot, servicing the lakhs of tourists who visit this pilgrimage destination, isn’t listed as one of the “43,000+” on their corporate services website. Its shiny signage has been up for almost 2 years now, but the machine is still not operational. On 1 March, after waiting a year, residents finally presented the Bank Manager with a written application to get the ATM going.

‘People come to Chitrakoot from around the world, to visit, for pilgrimages. They are always looking for a place to withdraw money. If there’s an urgent need for cash, in the middle of the night, we have no where to go. There’s just one ATM in the area, and if it could be operational, it would be a great help,’ say residents Ramswaroop and Satyam.

The Manager of the State Bank of India in Chitrakoot, Avdesh Gupta, says that the electricity and technology required for the ATM to be functional will be organised by April, and as soon that is done they hope to have the machine running.

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