Reporting Rape Still Tedious in Small-town UP

Banda_city_Railway_Station,_Uttar_PradeshBanda district. On the 24th of November, a 45-year-old woman allegedly came to the Banda police station to file a report. She said that two days before, on the 22nd of November, at 7pm, she was returning home after making bundles of fodder, and she came upon her neighbours, Kallu, Bacchi and Lallu. All three were intoxicated, and proceeded to rape her. The officers at the Banda police station refused to file her report.

According to the women, on the 25 November, she went to the Superintendent of Police and the Deputy Inspector-General of Police and gave them a written petition, and it was only after this on the 9th of December, that the FIR was filed. A medical examination has taken place but the report is yet to arrive.

When questioned about the delay in filing the report, the officer on duty at the police station, Ranvir Singh said “The woman came to the station on the 25th of November, and it took some time to understand the case. Her case has now been filed against the persons she named.”

Another case, from Kamasin police station jurisdiction, had a woman complain that her 16-year-old daughter was raped by 33-year-old Abhilesh Singh and 25-year-old Mino Singh on 27 September at 2.30pm. “When I went to file the report, the police rebuked me and chased me away. The report was filed after I submitted a complaint to the DIG on 4th December.” The officer in charge of the Kamasin police station, Dhanshyam Pandey, said that the woman herself was not keen to file the case and then later went straight to the DIG. Now the case has been filed.

The DIG, B.R. Meena said, ” After 2012, the police has become much more alert about cases like this. This is why the number of cases reported has gone up also. If cases don’t get filed at the police station, and people come to me, then I immediately order them to be filed.”

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