Once We Have a School, Then We’ll Vote

स्कूल के समस्या बतावत कुलकी पुरवा के बच्चन के महतारी
स्कूल के समस्या बतावत कुलकी पुरवा के बच्चन के महतारी

Kulki hamlet, Adhrori village, Mahua Block, Banda district. Three generations, and over 200 households in this hamlet have had no school for their children, not even an anganwadi, even though this is 5 kilometres away from the closest village, Adhrori. Neither the Block Resource Centre in Mahua block, nor in Bisanda block is willing to take responsibility for this: now will any politician take responsibility?

Ramswaroop, Jagrani and Ramdulari, who live in Kulki hamlet said, ‘Children from our hamlet are unable to study since the one-and-a-half kos distance is too far for young children to walk. Even if children manage to go to a village nearby until class 5, after this it’s hard for them to continue, especially for girls. This is why our area is so underdeveloped in terms of education.’ Phulkali told us, ‘I sent my daughter to the school in Adhrori village up to class 5. Whichever politician comes to the village, we’ve asked for a school, but it’s never been addressed. Now we’ll only vote when they say they will build a school in our hamlet.’

Jai Kishor Dixit, the assistant coordinator in the Block Resource Centre in Mahua block, said that that hamlet is on the border of Bisanda and Mahua block. So both officials at the Bisanda BRC and we have given in proposals to build a school there, even for 2013-14 we have given a proposal. Even the MP of Chitrakoot, RK Singh Patel has written an application regarding the school in this hamlet. Now we will send a proposal again to the Banda District Panchayat.

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