Loose Animals Demolish Crops, Farmers at Wits’ End

DSCN1179Lalta Road, Mau block, Chitrakoot district. Roving animals are creating havoc here – straying into people’s lentil or grain crops. A written complaint has been submitted on this matter to the Mau Tehsil.

Kallu, Rajesh and other inhabitants of Lalta road town are at their wits end. ‘We buy seeds at such expensive rates from the market to plant, but our crops don’t survive because of these animals roaming astray. If this continues, then how will our year’s crops grow? What will we farmers eat through the year? People don’t keep their animals tied up at home as they should.’

Kathvaruram, the tehsildar in Mau said, ‘Pradhans in all the village have been told to inform all villagers that if they do not keep their animals tied up, they will be fined.’

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