How Important are Drains in a Kasba?

rajapur kasbaPahaadi kasba, Chitrakoot district. In the Pahaadi block of Chitrakoot, the main kasba (market area) has no proper drain. With the monsoon season at the doorstep, this has become an even more urgent concern.

Manoj, Umesh and Meera said that it has been 10 years since the area has somehow managed monsoon after monsoon without a drainage system. The kasba sees hundreds of people every day who come from villages to shop or to catch buses but all of them have to wade through slush in the monsoon season.

Many shopkeepers also complained that the absence of drains has meant heavy looses for them. During the rains, water enters their shops and damaged their goods.

The head of the area, Badri Prasad Kushwaha said that it is the duty of the Public Welfare Department (PWD) to take care of this problem because the road is part of a National Highway.

Rajapur kasba, Chitrakoot district. In the Rajapur kasba, first there were no drains and then when work finally began 3 months ago, one drain is under construction and the other one is jammed. As a result, residents and businessmen here are finding it difficult to work here.

Kallu, a resident of Rajapur, that his business has suffered because the drain being made has taken months and now buyers have stopped coming to his shop because of the inconvenience and the filth.

The Chairman of the Town Area in Rajapur has assured everyone that the work on the drain will be over soon but there is no telling when.

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