Forget the Rape Survivor, Even Facilities for Guards Shocking

इनतान मा रहत सुरक्षा कर्मी
इनतान मा रहत सुरक्षा कर्मी

Banda district. While Sheelu fears for her life, the security guards who are meant to provide protection, lead a miserable life in Banda’s Shahbazpur village. In 2011, the alleged gang rape of Sheelu Nishad in Banda district by Purushottam Naresh Dwivedi, a Bahujan Samaj Party MLA made national headlines. The High Court had given orders for ten security guards for Sheelu’s protection, given that this was a high profile case involving a politician. There are seven security guards posted outside Sheelu’s house in Shahbazpur village of Naraini block, though she has been demanding for ten guards. Sheelu claims that she is under pressure to make a compromise and take back the charges against Dwivedi who is on parole at the moment. She fears for her life and has also been threatened several times and therefore has demanded for full security.

The seven security guards outside Sheelu’s house have been on duty under terrible conditions without electricity and water. Constable Vipul Mishra ad Sub Inspector Shahjahan Siddiqui shared that they have to go to the river to bathe and have to fetch drinking water from half a kilometre away. There were two fans but they don’t work any longer. While there are three women security guards, there is no toilet facility and they are forced to defecate in the open. Siddiqui who has been sent here from Hamirpur complains of kidney stones and regular illness since the time she was posted here; she has also requested the administration to transfer her from here, but no action has been taken.

According to the Upper SP Swami Prasad, one Head constable, three constables and one woman  constable have been appointed on duty for Sheelu’s protection. Other police personnel are also sent periodically; their duties cannot be changed just because they don’t want to remain there.

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