Corruption Rampant in Chitrakoot’s Health System

विमला देवी
विमला देवी

Chitrakoot district. ‘When there is free medical aid available, why are the poor made to pay for it? Sometimes with their lives?’ Vimla Devi of Bankat village in Bundelkhand’s Chitrakoot district delivered twin girls; one was born in the ambulance, on the way to the hospital and died in the hospital. The family had to pay Rs. 900 to the ambulance driver and Rs. 500 to the ANM. All this when the services were to be provided free of cost.

Vimla Devi went into labour on June 16th. Her husband Sundar Lal had to pay the ambulance driver and the ANM after which she was admitted into the hospital. She delivered twins, both extremely weak. The hospital did not provide any food or proper care.

According to the Chief Medical Officer Ved Prakash – the matter is currently under investigation. We will take action once this is over and we have all the facts and information related to the matter.

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