Clash Leaves Faizabad Village Tense

taza final2Roshan Nagar village, Faizabad district. On 3 September, a long standing land dispute in a village in Pura Bazar block of Faizabad, threatened to get out of hand as violence erupted between the parties involved. There was some tension in the village which is located a mere 30 kilometers from the district headquarters.

Vazir Ahmad, who has been living in Roshan Nagar village, had hired some workers to construct a wall around his house which is adjacent to the Panchayat Bhawan when the village head Maniram broke down the wall along with a group of supporters from the village.

According to Maniram, ‘The land where the wall was being erected is government land and currently under dispute. After we brought down the wall, Vazir fired shots in the air endangering the lives of many villagers who had arrived at the site. The villagers had to hide behind walls to protect themselves.’

While Vazir refused to comment on the allegations he said, ‘The land is under dispute but I’m fighting a case in the court since August. This does not give anyone the right to bring it down. It is for the court to decide as and when it does.’ He also said that another wall had been similarly brought down on 19 August and that’s why he was getting it reconstructed.

Village head Maniram reported the incident to the Inspector In charge Rajesh Yadav, early next morning, at the Maya Police Station. Rajesh Yadav said, ‘I had warned Maniram not to get involved and yet he went over to Ahmad’s place. The villagers have alleged that Ahmad had armed men to attack them but they were only labourers working at the site. Given the circumstances, I cannot search Ahmad’s house or arrest him.’

In the meantime, Maniram has been successful in filing an F.I.R. against Ahmad at the Maya Police Station.

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