Busy Station Sports Tin Roof, Poses Danger for Passengers

DSC00638Shivrampur, Chitrakoot district. Barely 12 kilometres from the popular religious town of Chitrakoot is Shivrampur. With a population of close to 15000, Shivrampur is an important station. Yet it sports a makeshift tin roof, which hangs precariously low, posing a danger to the hundreds of passengers who wait at or pass through the station everyday.

A regular passenger from Kanpur, Shyam said, ‘The tin roof at the Shivrampur station is very old. It is very likely to just fall one day.’ Another regular passenger, Ravi, from Banda said, ‘The passenger train that many people take every day is often late by a couple of hours. Several passengers spend that time waiting under the loose tin ceiling. It is an accident is waiting to happen.’

The Station Master at Shivrampur railway station, Rajeev Kumar Singh said, ‘We sell almost 400 tickets here every day, so the station has a lot of footfall. We have shown the condition of the tin roof to the Assistant Divisional Engineer (Railways) Babulal Verma when he visited the railway station a fortnight ago. He has assured us that the ceiling would be fixed in October 2014.’

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