Bundelkhand Woes: Now We Have Water Tanks, But No Water Supply

waterWater tanks exist in Ramnagar area of Chitrakoot district, but there is no water to supply. About two thousand people’s lives have been affected as a result of this. 
When contacted, the Assistant Engineer of the water works department D.M. Tiwari said that the matter has come to light only now. He will look into the matter to see why water is not being supplied from the tanks. 

Lalloo, Bhanu Pratap and several people told the reporters that they fetch water from the handpump across the road. With so many people and just one handpump, it is very often that the pump stops functioning. In the severe heat, people are left thirsty. For over a year there has been no water in the taps because there is no supply from the tanks. The taps serve no purpose.


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