Budget Spent, but No Work Done – Bundelkhand Thirsty for Water

01-05-14 Kshetriya - Mahoba Handpump for webBundelkhand. 10 crores has been spent under the National Rural Drinking Water Programme in 2013-2014. Yet no work has been done in most districts, and the handpumps in the villages in need of repair are in the same condition they were.

The water department of the state goverment of the Samajwadi party sanctioned 10,51,780 rupees to the Banda district water board, for new handpumps and re-boring (so water is accessed from lower levels) of old handpumps. This was to include the building of 1500 new handpumps and the re-boring of 1900 old ones.

In Palra village, Tindwari block, Banda district, the handpump at the main crossroad has been awaiting re-boring for 2 years, and in Dhausad Aliha and the Baberu Sabzi Mandi in Baberu block too the existing handpumps need to be re-bored. In Birgad, Bhavanipur and Korram villages, there are ongoing demands for new handpumps.

At the Rainpur crossroad and in Jayendra nagar in Charkhari block of Mahoba district, the handpumps have been in disrepair for a long time.

The Junior Engineer of the Banda water department E. Girish Kumar said that the second installment of money they are due has just arrived, and so the pending work will now be done. But with the arrival of the summer, it is the people who will suffer this delay on the party of the administration.

District New handpumps to be built New handpumps built so far (according to official records)
Banda 470 24
Chitrakoot 210 210
Mahoba 311 8


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