Are they Thinking about Mahoba?

Graffiti spotted near the Lauda Hill worksite in Mahoba's Kabrai
Graffiti spotted near the Lauda Hill worksite in Mahoba’s Kabrai

Mahoba District, Uttar Pradesh. The war of the Lok Sabha elections has been waging in Mahoba for the past two months. On 16 May the outcome of this was finally clear. And the Bharatiya Janta Party’s Pushpendra Singh Chandel was declared the winning candidate.

Now it remains to be seen what the new MP Pushpendra Singh Chandel will do for Mahoba district. There is no lack of problems in Mahoba, but that of potable water, farmer suicides and the child labour employed for stone quarrying in the district are some of the most daunting. Will the BJP government be able to help the common people deal with these issues?

In Kabrai town, Lauda hill has been quarried to a depth of 300 feet. Due to this, on 5 May, a portion of the hill collapsed and buried 8 tractors. Fortunately, there was no labour on the site at the time of the accident; else hundreds of lives could have been at risk.The fact is, if the quarrying of these hills isn’t stopped well in time, this kind of incident will occur again, sooner rather than later.

The new BJP government should be thinking of these kinds of problems faced by common people. The people of Mahoba have expectations that their new MP Pushpendra Singh Chandel of the BJP will help alleviate some of these problems.

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