A Government Scheme that Recognizes Disability with an Age Limit!

gaon for webChhikahra village, Mahoba district. In Kabrai block’s Chikahra village, Gulab Rani has been waiting for 4 years for a piece of paper and a signature so that she can receive her handicap pension from the government.

Gulab Rani (wife of Ram Kripal), was hit by a buffalo 4 years ago. The accident left her with a broken leg that hasn’t healed. The orthopaedic who attended to her charged Gulab Rani Rs. 700 and put a plaster on her broken leg but the bone didn’t mend. Today, she walks on crutches.

Her husband Ram Kripal said that they the old couple has been running from pillar to post for a medical certificate that would state that Gulab Rani is handicapped for the last 4 years but to no avail. They approached one Dr. Purwar who has given Gulab Rani’s advanced age as a reason for not signing off on the certificate.

The handicap certificate would entitle the old woman to subsidized travel in government transport and a small pension. This would be a big help to the old and poor couple.

The Health Department’s Junior Assistant Pradeep Yadav said that the handicap certificate is provided for persons between the ages of 12 and 60. As per Gulab Rani’s ration card she is 65. As a result, even though she struggles through old age and a handicap, she will not be entitled to any pension from the government.