Caution: You Are Not to Fall Ill After 2 p.m.

02-06-14 Kshetriya Katrvi - Manikpur JNManikpur, Chitrakoot district. In Chitrakoot’s Manikpur block, the staff at the block level Community Health Centre (CHC) has explained that doctors get off duty at 2 p.m. and so patients expecting to be examined, should reach the health centre before that.

Hema, a resident of the Itwa Dudaila village in Manikpur had almost completed 9 months of pregnancy when she visited the CHC in Manikpur for treatment. She said that she would sometimes get a sharp pain and she wanted to get checked. On reaching the Centre, the nurse there took one cursory look at Hema and informed her that it wasn’t time for the delivery yet. Hema returned home that day but despite repeated visits to the CHC for an explanation and subsequent treatment, she still hasn’t managed to get herself checked properly by a doctor.

Hema also complained that the repeated trips to the CHC are costing her poor family a fortune and it is not possible for her to make so many visits.

When asked, the nurse Suman at the Community Health Centre said that the doctor hasn’t been able to do a check up for Hema because she reaches the CHC only after 2 p.m. If she expects to meet the doctor, she should come on time.

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